Engineering solutions for metalworking industries

“ supplies metalworking machines and spare parts for them, and also offers a full range of IT
outsourcing services for the development and implementation of software.
Due to the high level of professionalism of our employees, who later form project teams with extensive
experience in the IT field on the .NET platform, C#, Java, as well as specialized software using web
technologies (PHP, ASP), DBMS: Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, we form
development teams based on the experience and specific technical skills of each of the participants. This
allows us to achieve high efficiency and teamwork.

Hydraulic CNC sheet benders

We offer high-quality roll forming machines – an ideal tool for bending any, especially heavy, beams,
profiles and pipes. 3 and 4 roll bending machines with bending capacity of sheets up to 400 mm thick
and up to 12 m long, as well as special-purpose machines for specific tasks, for example, for the
production of wind turbine masts.



Metal-cutting machines

Processing machines providing support for manufacturing enterprises. Our company supplies not only
multidisciplinary equipment (machining centers, turning and grinding machines, etc.), but also control
systems, as well as peripheral equipment.




Gantry machining centers for composite materials and aluminum alloys

The equipment offered by our company is CNC machining centers, thermoforming machines, CNC
cutting robots, waterjet cutting systems. This equipment is used to manufacture parts of civil and
military aircraft, passenger cars and Formula 1 cars, sports yachts and wind generators.



Our services:

  • Support for the entire development cycle

The company offers a full range of it outsourcing services for software development and implementation, from requirements analysis and technology consulting to long-term support and solution support. For clients, this means hiring only one contractor to perform all project work. We will take responsibility for creating a high-quality solution, ensuring transparency of operations and full compliance with the time and budget terms of the contract.

  • Adaptation to customer processes

Our focus is on the customer with their needs, interests and expectations. Thanks to a thorough study of your needs, we organize our activities so that you feel confident and comfortable. Our specialists do not just cooperate with you, but become a part of your company, fully immersed in the specifics of your production processes. In addition, we focus on long-term cooperation, which allows us to achieve a deep understanding of the internal processes of companies and provide high-quality solutions with the lowest costs.

  • Cost optimization

Working with a professional software development service provider, you do not incur the cost of finding, attracting and training your own it team, but get immediate access to highly qualified specialists in various fields. We will help you to evaluate the project's labor costs, offer the most profitable model of cooperation, and take care of all the technical implementation of your ideas.

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